Hacking F.A.Q.

Some of you are hackers, some of you not. Those, who are, already know about it. But every person in this world can be affected by them. So — here is the short FAQ about the hacking on our game.

Hacking rules for non-hackers

Q: Who can be hacked?

A: Anybody. Human, android, program, corporation, etc.

Q: What are the possible consequences of hacking?

A: It's not entirely known. Certainly, this can lead to the theft of money or information and disorder of cyber-implants. These are the most frequent consequences of hacking.

Q: How can I protect myself from hacking if I'm not a hacker?

A: Each character is represented on the network as a system. Any system can be hacked. The owner of the system can provide the chosen character “admin access”, i.e., appoint him as a defender. You can assign and remove defenders at any time. Any number of people can protect one system.

It is important to note that if some treacherous villain wants to hack a system that he defends himself, the success will be virtually guaranteed. Therefore, you must appoint admins extremely responsibly.

Each character is at least the owner of the system that represents him.

At the beginning of the game, every system is protected in some way. But this protection is not very strong and will eventually be behind the times. Therefore, we recommend becoming aware who will protect you from hacking.

The simple presence of a defender or defenders does not give any guarantees. It all depends on their skills and acumen, as well as on the skills and acumen of hackers who attack you.

Q: I was hacked. What to do?

A: If you have a system administrator — it's worth discussing this issue with him. If you do not have a system administrator, it's probably time to find one. There is good news for those who can’t find a system administrator (for example, if can’t afford one). The US franchise monitors the cyber security of all residents of the Golden Gate. Though they say that government-appointed free defenders are underqualified and not quick. However, if you are hacked too often, you can make a complaint to a special address (the email will be known in the game), perhaps they’ll pay attention to your case.

Q: I'm a hacker. Can I protect myself?

A: Yes, to do this you must assign yourself the system administrator of your system. (This is not default setting.)

The following rules are on the hacking model. If you are not a hacker or an information security specialist, you do not need to read them.