The state of the character in the world of our game is determined by many things. This is his health; the state of the elements of his consciousness (from a stable temperament to more unsteady memories); his economic status and “insurance” (that is something in between loyalty cards and citizenship); the full set of used augmentations and new opportunities that they give (including unplanned); genome, which sometimes determines personal reactions to augmentation or a chance to get sick, breathing by the fogs of the Lower City.

In order to simulate all the non-trivial combinations of causes and effects, we use an IT solution based on smartphones. At any time you can understand the state of your character by looking at the phone screen. This allows us not to burden you with work paper certificates, and to attract your attention only when something happened to you.

Also in the game world, each character has a personal online profile. It conveniently combines all the services needed in life on the Bridge: economy (insurance and payments), augmentation (a list of available augmentations and related changes), identity identification service and many others. In general, everybody calls this A.L.I.C.E., thought in the world of the game there might be tons of different profiles running on different gadgets.

Your access to these services is simulated using the same mobile phone. By itself, the phone in the game world does not exist and represents an inseparable way from you to access these services.

And, unfortunately, there is some bad news, that I am very shy to say. We didn't manage to make the system bilingual, so the application is in Russian. It still doesn't mean you shouldn't use it. But it means I have to look more carefully for your Russian connections to help you during the game. And at any time you can ask any master on the venue to help you (there will be a lot of us).

Links for application: GooglePlay (Android 4.4+) and AppStore (iOS 8+).

Please, download it in advance and check if your phone is compatible.