Model of Sex

We have chosen a model that reflects physical and emotional intimacy. So the sex model is: the participants dance together to music that they are listening through one pair of headphones.

We don't regulate the type of dance (don't be shy! Move the way you feel!), a degree of contact (keep the distance, hold hands or hug if the partner is not against), or the music.

There is a slight difference between the sex in real life and VR.

Real Life

After the dance, each participant tells the other one important recollection. It can be something from the character's story, something that happened during the game or a part of your memory.

Restrictions: it must be a recollection of the character. If characters “have sex” more than once they should tell different recollections.

Androids can “dance” perfectly and tell special pre downloaded memories. Perhaps, they can do it more gracefully than humans, but everybody understands it's not real.


VR is more conventional and anonymous.

The physical part of interaction is the same, but after that participant doesn't share memories, but ask 2 questions. For one question the answer must be true, for the other, you can tell lies (or tell the truth).It is your choice if there is the first or second question to reply the truth at.

You can't ask questions which aim is to find out if the partner tell true or false (e.g., you can't ask the same question twice).

If there are more than 2 participants you can use headphones splitter or think about other technical solutions. You can tell recollection to all the participant, and ask questions to participants one by one.

Sex can only happen by mutual agreement.