The number of weapons in the game is limited only by gaming legislation, and its bearing by government officials or other interested parties.


are modeled by the NEFR products, including models that shoot soft balls (NERF RIVAL). Also, with the approval from the gamemaster, other variants of weapons and ammunition may be admitted. The main requirement is the lack of wearing glasses and safety. Factory bullets may not be allowed if they are too hard. Please, use standard products.

The bullet tuning is strictly forbidden, while reasonable tuning of weapons is allowed. If gamemasters find the tuning of your weapon unreasonable you will not be allowed to use it during the game. To avoid this, please consult with gamemasters in advance.

The game weapon is required to be painted in natural colors for admission to the game. A hit from a weapon with factory unnatural coloring can be ignored.

Weapons can not be used without the consent of the owner during the game.

The weapon will not be chipped, but be ready to present a weapon for inspection to gamemasters at any time.

A head is a hit zone for firearms in our game. If you plan to actively fight, do not forget to put on your glasses. Also, try to avoid shots in the face at the close range. If possible, shoot always in the body.

All firearms take off 1 hit point on the base.


Any cold weapons on the game should be:

  • Made from soft materials;
  • Safe;
  • Well-looking.

“Cold Steel”’ rubber knives or analogs are allowed without an agreement with the gamemaster.

Impact-type weapons can not be made extra heavy with purpose and should have a sufficient degree of softening, and look like a simulated object, that is, the standard boffer will not be a baseball bat in our game.

“Cold Steel” products made of rubber and analogs are allowed.

All steel arms take off 1 hit point on the base.


An electric shock can be used to stun a person or even a robot or android. An electric shock is a mobile phone with an installed application simulating an electric shock (for example, Electric Stun Gun). To stun you need to attach the phone to the opponent's body and press the button to turn on the electric shock in a non-combat situation. The sound should be set to full power. Do not fight on the phones. It’s too expensive!


A high-tech product, which in the hands of a person can cause damage to the character in power armor. It can look like any blade weapon allowed in the game, with a special marker (red ribbon). A person needs a special implant in order to use vibro weapons. Vibro weapons take off 1 hit point on the base.


Armor must be chipped and can not work without a chip. Please, arrange your armor in advance.

Simple armor

The armor protects from electric shock and stunning. It is imitated by bullet-proof vest of futuristic appearance, closing the body. The armor allows you to ignore the first hit by any type of weapon for the combat episode (bullets, steel weapons, vibro blades). This ability is restored in a quiet surrounding after the end of a fighting collision automatically after 20 minutes after receiving damage. Androids can wear simple armor.


A person requires a special implant to wear this kind of armor. It looks like a more complete armor, including the protection of the limbs and head. It is marked with red diodes (see the entourage rules). Completely protects from any external influences, except for a vibro weapons. Hit points from a person in powered armor can be taken off only by a vibro weapon. Any steel weapon in the hands of a person in powered armor acquires the properties of a vibro weapon (also marked with a red ribbon and can cause damage to a person in powered armor). Powered armor has the properties of simple armor. At the beginning of the game, androids can not wear powered armor.


Shields, which are specially brought or improvised, do not give the owner any advantage. A hit in an item held as a shield leads to a loss of hit points, just as if it were a hit in the body.


In general, the person has 2 hit points. A character can have 6 hit points as a maximum. There can not be any more at all. Also, armor or powered armor makes it possible to ignore the first hit.

Hit points are taken off by blows with steel weapons and hits from firearms.

If a person has 1 or more hit points taken off but still has a positive (1 or more) number of hit points, this is a state of a minor injury. A person with minor injury is able to continue fighting, but can not walk or run fast — only limp slowly. Every 10 minutes with a light wound, one hit point is lost, which sooner or later leads to a severe wound.

If a person has zero hit points, it is a state of a severe wound. Following blows do not lead to loss of hit points — the number of hit points can not be less than zero.

A person with a severe wound falls, groans and can only crawl. A person dies if nothing happens in 20 minutes to prevent it.

All injuries can be treated as described in the rules on medicine.

Carrying the wounded. A slightly injured person can walk at a normal speed with help of a healthy person. One with a severe wound can only be transported by two people.

Finishing off

You can finish off a severely wounded person with either a steel weapon (weak blow) or a firearm from a close distance in the back (it's a strict rule) saying "finish off."

Stunning and killing without witness

You cannot kill a character without a witness.

The stunning can be performed as it is customary for a role-playing game — you should designate the blow by tapping on a shoulder from the behind with any weapon and saying "stunned" or by an electric shock. Stunning lasts 5 minutes, re-stunning is possible. The number of stuns is not limited.

Tying up

You can only tie "in the game", i.e. a rope should be tied on the hands or feet, and the handcuffs are closed, but this should not cause discomfort to the person being tied. If the rope is not tied tightly, and the handcuffs open freely without a key, you can not use it to your advantage and get free.

You can free yourself from rope or plastic handcuffs by "cutting" them with a game knife (this can be done on your own), from handcuffs — using a proper key or a firearm by "breaking" the chain (you can not do it on your own).


Is made “in the game” or “in life”. The person being searched makes the final decision. Hiding something in the underwear is forbidden. You can search with the consent of the searched person or if a person is in a helpless (stunned or tied up) state.

Allowed / forbidden actions

Allowed: to beat (chop, cut) with steel weapons and fire a gun in accordance with the rules. Use the minimum hand-to-hand combat — grab a hand, grab a body.

Forbidden: to beat in the head and groin, to prick, to shoot from near distance in a face. Use hand-to-hand combat in excess of the allowed — no throws.

Doors, locks and their breaking, entry into a room

Ordinary doors should be functionally executed as doors. Doors can be locked with a key lock. The locked door can only be opened with a key or by breaking it open, for 3 minutes noisily acting out the breaking. The walls can not be broken. Also, you can lock anything you like with a key, for example, cases or safes. There are doors and safes that can not be broken open by acting out the breaking for 3 minutes. This will be said on the chip attached to the door.

IMPORTANT # 1. Technologies and exceptions

Technologies can affect the various parameters described in these rules. The characters with whom you interact may have additional hits, they may not be affected by certain influences, etc. If you have any controversial situations, please contact the gamemasters.

IMPORTANT # 2. Agreeing on additional advantages

Certain improvements that influence the combat characteristics of your character (combat characteristics — all that these rules concern) will be discussed with the region gamemasters before the game starts. Please, ask your region gamemasters to do it. This is necessary to maintain a balance at the start of the game.


Powered armor is modeled by the following set of equipment items (airsoft or futuristic type):

  • bulletproof vest / tactical vest,
  • helmet,
  • mask + glasses,
  • gloves + knee pads.

The working powered armor is marked with red diodes on the helmet (provided by master group). Elements of camouflage coloring are allowed to use in the design of the exoskeleton, provided that ALL elements will be of this color.

The armor is imitated by a bulletproof vest or a discharge vest (futuristic entourage is necessary) covering the body.

When choosing the armor, remember that this is not an armor made of garbage from the post-apocalypse world, but a high-tech masterpiece of the world of the future. Better your protective equipment will look, the more chances to get extra hit points for it.

Examples of powered armor