Evoe-pidgin and English

Well, the use of any technology has its consequences. Some of them are practically invisible, while others are serious enough.

A year ago in Golden Gate something happened (we will tell you later exactly what it was). After this event, there have been many cases of specific lesions of the central nervous system. It was named zagreofreny because of the peculiarities of the symptoms. It was rapidly explored, and some treatment based on cryotechnology was found. It was extremely efficient, the percentage of cures came close to 100. But there was an unexpected side effect: all those who used this treatment lost the ability to communicate using ordinary human language. It soon became clear that the mental ability and personal qualities of the cured have not changed; just some memories were slightly damaged. In general, the victims were the same people they were before the illness. However, none of them could connect two words in one phrase (the ability to understand speech was different from patient to patient).

Professor of linguistics Ben Canaan with the assistance of one of the zagreys (it became the name for all who were suffering from zagreofreny) has developed a new language system, accessible for the cured, consisting partially of gestures, partially of simple sharp sounds. It was named evoe-pidgin. All zagreys were trained in it and returned back to their normal lives as far as possible. Their relatives, friends and any interested persons were trained as well. By the way, there were a lot of them — zagreys became the center of a new subculture, and a lot of people speak now evoe-pidgin to be on trend.

In our game the English language will simulate evoe-pidgin. Every international larper who doesn’t speak Russian will play some person who was ill but cured: a zagrey. All the russian larpers may use or not use English based on their idea of whether their characters have learned it.

What does this mean for international larpers?

First, English is incorporated into the setting. Second, every character, created for the international larper, will be just an ordinary person from that world with some communication problems — but still the beloved part of the family or the good fellow colleague for someone. Third, for the roles of your family, friends or colleagues we’ll find some Russian players who are ready to be your Virgil in the world of Russian LARPs. OK, the Russian LARP world isn’t Hell, but Virgil is still a great guy, so I’ll leave the metaphor.