Seconds ago, August 2 2067, a massive terrorist act was committed in the Golden Gate. The details are unknown, but it is already clear that something unprecedented has happened. Webcams show a picture that most resembles a massive psychosis. Simultaneously, all the people who are in the city began to behave weirdly as if gone mad. This is going on for a few minutes. So far, no one has been able to contact any of the special correspondents in the Golden Gate.

Also, alarm information comes from some virtual reality servers. Presumably, strange behavior is noted for the avatars of people who are physically in the Golden Gate. We will follow the events.

In the evening of August 2, 2067, an incredible terrorist attack took place in the Golden Gate. All humans, who were on the Bridge, behaved weirdly (even frighteningly) for a few minutes. This moment is the start of the game.

How does it work: You by yourself or with the help of organizer should make up where and what you were doing at the time of the teract. Just before the start of the game we’ll have a traditional parade, and then we’ll announce “Go to your start positions, the siren is in 15 minutes”. You go to the place where your character was according to your idea. In 15 minutes you’ll hear a siren and start to behave in the way you made up. In some minutes you’ll hear the second siren and here the game starts.

What should I make up?

We ask you to think how intense/frightening/provoking new connections your behavior was. Probably your character just stood without movement or staggered a knife in the beloved. Or probably he did something that any person can expect from another. Remember: this is the beginning of the game, start point, trigger. Perhaps, you’ll understand your character better while thinking about this event. Was he going to work or lying on the lover? When he comes out of it does he hurry to know that the children are safe of feel ashamed of what he has done? Or he can’t stand up as someone tried to kill him? Or perhaps, for the first time in his life he has done something he wished about?

May I kill someone?

The actions during the terrorist act are discussed before the game. Consider this as a semi-theatrical action. You can’t kill any of the players (the characters of all the players who came to the game, obviously survived these few minutes). But you can coordinate with other players, how these few minutes brought you together, and even ask the organizers to provide people to who you — after all — killed.

What happens after?

Immediately after the second signal, the game will start. Your character comes out from it, Now he doesn’t want to do what he just did. He remembers everything. He does not understand anything. Probably a few minutes will pass, and the news lines will be filled with speculations about the teract and statements from all possible groups that just they know what it was.