Here is some basic info about economics in the game.

The organizers treat economic model as a way to show the class division in the game.

All the money in the game is electronic. A wide range of goods and services I provided for the ingame money. Every day has 2 economic cycles.

There is a planned hyperinflation during each cycle of the game. Every cycle external spending and earnings will grow and all establishments are recommended to index their prices accordingly.

Characters get some money on their ingame online accounts in the start of the game. The amount of money depends on the character.

Character gets the income if he is a permanent worker of a company or has the insurance. Money is added to the bank accounts twice a day — 10:00 and 17:00. The size of the income depends on the insurance and current position in the company.

All transactions between characters have commission that depends on the level of insurance. 0% commission for transaction between characters with the same level of insurance or without insurance. If the level of insurance if different and transaction goes from the character with lower insurance level, the commission is the difference in the levels. If the level of insurance if different and transaction goes from the character with higher insurance level, there commission is 0%.

Androids and programmes in VR don’t get money in the start, don’t participate in economic relations and are property of other characters.


Insurance determines status of the character, income and discounts in different places.

There are 3 types of insurance:

  1. Insurance from the government. It’s social security from the government. Can be of low and high level. Low gives only income; high level gives income and discounts in Pont Rouge.
  2. Insurance from corporations belongs to members of non-governmental franchise. Can be of 2 levels. Provide income and discounts in the franchise.
  3. Super-VIP insurance belongs to few members of Sky City, provides income and discounts in Pont Rouge and in all franchises.

Character can have only 1 insurance at a time.

You should renew the insurance every economic cycle.


There will be several corporations in the game. The success of each corporation depends on the index.

The Index can influence on the time in VR, the cost of augmentations, discounts, the service of androids, etc.


Any corporation can add new implants to a human body. But come Implants can have contradict each other.

A deal with a corporation looks as follows: client gets augmentation, side effect and the profit; the index of corporation goes up. Corporations oblige clients to advertise the product.

Augmentations can be of different types and quality, have different characteristics, can require updates.

They say there are shadowy clinics that install augmentations that don’t influence the index of corporations.