The sky above the Bay was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.

Under the sky, there was the Bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge transformed into a giant cluster of dwellings and offices has become a base for high-tech startups, pilot labs operated by large corporations, virtual reality artists, and hackers of all kind. The orange Bridge pillars are rising up to merge with glass facades of skyscrapers. And the shantytown's life is pulsating in neon depths at their bottom. Feeble control by impotent state institutions has turned the Bridge into the rallying point of technology and arts development. But at the same time this has led to dramatic social polarization, rampant criminality, and changing of social standards.

2067. Technology is changing society and human life.

But what IS a human? Is humankind never going to change? Or by contrast, will it be replaced by some new kind? Is Homo sapiens the end point or just another stage of the evolution? What if after the creation of Super Intelligence or other life forms humanity ends up sidelined and unable to keep pace with the progress? What if machines substitute humans in work? Virtual reality, virtual achievements, and experience — will they complement the physical world or replace it? And what will happen next? Will the State, the Family, the traditional Moral Standards survive? And if not, what will supersede them?

Will humankind defeat Death?


We are inspired by cyberpunk and science fiction books, video games, and movies. References and Inspirations — We recommend you Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, Neuromancer by William Gibson, and Peter Watts's Blindsight, as well as Deus Ex video game series and Ex Machina movie.

For 700 players

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2017, August 2-6 (Wed-Sun), Moscow region, Russia.

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