Historical Background

Some of the proper names mentioned below aren't final. Corporation names, as well as names and gender of some characters, may be changed in concert with players who want to play the corresponding roles.

A unique political entity currently known as the State or Commonwealth of Golden Gate is a clear example of the dramatic evolution of State and Law in the 21st century.

The history of the Bridge started with Sunlight Engineering Company founded by the American businessman Frank Pontecorvo (born 1984). Over the past 30 years, Mr. Pontecorvo has been a permanent curator of the Golden Gate Bridge and received the ironic nickname Pontifex Maximus which is Latin for Great Bridge Builder.

However, states and governments have lost their control over society, and private citizens practically ignore the very existence of these institutions in daily life: not because of someone's plans and ambitions, but from historic tendencies of the turbulent 21st century.

January 28, 1984 F. Pontecorvo was born.

August 2, 2017 The Sunlight Company was founded.

November 22, 2024 The terrorist act occurred at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

November 7, 2027 The positive decision of the US Supreme Court in the case "Right, Cheng, van der Bildt and Gray against the United States", allowing the establishment of civil unions in the form of polyfamily.

August 19, 2028 The Sunlight Company buys from San Francisco the right to operate the Golden Gate Bridge. Sunlight starts on the Bridge its project of building a community (commune) of universal harmony and prosperity.

2029 Ruto McKenzie gets a place in Sunlight’s top management.

January 1, 2030 Inauguration of the reconstructed Golden Gate Bridge as an "innovative public space."

2031 The beginning of the Hybrid World War (represented by a series of armed conflicts on the periphery of the "golden billion", cyber war, ideological confrontation between supporters of different "consumer" models).

2039 The first attempts at civilian use of VR technology.

May 2040 California earthquake. Golden Gate Bridge becomes a haven for Silicon Valley companies.

June 30, 2040 Proclamation of the principle of freedom of enterprise on the Golden Gate Bridge. The symbolic date of birth of franchises.

September 2, 2042 The end of the Hybrid World War. Ratification of the Venice Pact.

April 2043 Golden Gate Bridge is certified by the Supervisory Board of the Venice Pact as one of the four places in the world where researches prohibited in other areas are permitted "for the benefit of science and prosperity of mankind" (the other three places — Qeqqata Kommunia in Greenland, Gê'gyai County in Tibet, Antarctic Bouvet island).

Summer 2042 Seth McKenzie became one of the leaders of the "Against" movement, which was strongly opposed to any form of control over intellectual development.

June — September 2043 The outbreak of Mororua plague.

November 21 — December 25, 2045 The California crisis. Development and adoption of the First Protocol of California (the agreement on the special status of the Golden Gate Bridge as part of the United States). Ruto McKenzie becomes the head ("Grand Maitre" or "Prime") of the Golden Gate State.

2046 The beginning of mass transplantations. Ruth McKenzie and Seth demonstrate a prototype of the remote-controlled robot-avatar.

February 19, 2053 Secession of California.

March 2054 The defense of the Golden Gate Bridge. The adoption of the Second Protocol of California. The resignation of Ruth McKenzie. Maria Orlova Shulman becomes the Head of Cabinet (Grand Maitre). The transition from the concept of "global solidarity" to" the concept of "new state."

2054 Ruto McKenzie leaves the Golden Gate State. Detractors gossip about his disagreements with Pontecorvo.

2055 The case "Dubois against Dubois". The court decided that the personal consciousness, and not the physical body, is a sign of a physical person. The body and its improvement should be seen as a property.

2057 — 2059 The epidemic of Virtual addiction. The introduction of restrictive measures on the use of VR. Obama Fitzpatrick is appointed the head of the Golden Gate State (Grand-Maitre).

2062 Numerous cases of zagreofreny.

2065 The trial of "Le Bras against the Golden Gate." Mrs. Le Bras required the recognition of a virtual program simulating her wife as her first-degree relative. In the courtroom, Mrs. Le Braz stated: "I am not crazy and I don't believe Daisy is a human, but I do wish her to continue living in our virtual house after I die." Frank Pontecorvo has publicly expressed support for Le Bras.