All characters in our game (except androids and computer programs) are members of one generation that we have described.

Generation X+Y

(60 — … years old)

These people are dreamers, romantics and eccentrics. Everything around us arose from their dream and their work. These very people were in the origin of the world we know. They founded the State of Golden Gates and it was they who waged the Hybrid War. However, the modern world is not the one of their dreams. A lot went down differently. But after all, how can they deny the world that they have always believed in?

People of this generation got used to natural bodies, and to put up with the necessity of upgrades for them is harder than for anyone else, but many of them are ready to do everything to prolong active life.

Each of them had a company of shadows — the creatures, alongside whom they lived for decades…But now they are gone. And it is hard to find a common language with youngsters. However, almost all of the old men and women from the Bridge are unusual and respected people.

They are slow. You can be the most passionate and energetic when you are young, but when you are old everything is slowing down. They continue doing things that long ago became outdated or extremely specialized. Youngsters can make fun of their extravagant hobbies, so what? They don’t want to die.

Generation Z

(40 — 60 years old)

People of this generation confidently stand on their feet. They value real things — true actions, people, relationships.

The modern world, be it good or bad, was made by them. They or their mates took a great part in the Hybrid War. And it was their own choice to come to the Bridge, none of them was born there.

Now their age influences them. Youth and health are passing by. They are ready to give a lot to get back (and improve) the functions of their aging body. They don`t worship newness, they take the body improvement rationally.

They value strong ties and solid relationships. It is necessary for them to have the close company of the people who are important to them. Not so emotional in daily life, like younger generations, they are passionate in relationships.

They see the aim and are blind to obstacles. "What I am doing should flourish". "This very person should be mine". "Death should be conquered”.

Generation W

(25 — 40 years old)

Flexible and emotional, they mostly follow their feelings, rather than take into account real facts. They are inclined to mysticize everything — science, life and even death.

Their childhood and youth was marked by the Hybrid War. They have no real confidence in the world around them. Everything can turn out to be completely different. That is the reason why they get used to maneuvering all the time, following the current situation and its conditions; and why they do not believe in stability. Some of them have moved here with their parents, some of them have been already born at the Bridge. Actually, the first children of the Bridge are from this generation.

Their bodies are still young, beautiful and loved by them. But they can easily cut off their hand to change it for an iron one just to follow the trend.

People of this generation are very sociable and have many friends and make a lot of contacts daily. All the time they change partners and even family members. In comparison with older generations, they are unlikely to build solid relationships. It is their nature to be lonely and not to be very conscious about ties with others.

It is very normal for them to do several things at once, whereas concentration on only one task demands much effort. They love life, while death scares them a lot.

Generation A

(17 — 25 years old)

It is a normal thing that elder generations fail to understand youngsters. Swarms of youth gather and disintegrate by principles which are unclear for elders.

They were born after the Hybrid War was ended and almost all of them are the children of the Bridge. Technologies, that were the result of hard work and still seem for other generations like a miracle or at least something curious, are an ordinary thing for youngsters. They live in a world where donuts, iron hands and books, represented by actors, are all commonplace. They have no special concerns about their bodies and take it as a thing that was created especially to do whatever they want with it.

Immature, mobile, irresponsible — they live in a world where anyone can easily talk with dead relatives. And that is why it is not clear for them what death really is.