Basic technologies

In the world of our future, there are many technologies. This text will tell you about their well-known part, which will be modeled on the game.


Here are the implants for different body systems that are known at the beginning of the game and can be installed in characters’ bodies (if the implant matches the roles and in agreement with the master through the application in joinrpg). These implants can be sold by corporations from the first day of play, are allowed and widespread. During the game, corporations and clandestine laboratories will research new implants from the Technology Tree.

At the beginning of the game, it is possible for the characters to have implants that are not included in the list below: these implants are considered the brainchild of various clandestine laboratories, disappeared or foreign corporations, experimental samples or banned experiments.

We remind you that, in accordance with the Venice Pact, “the introduction of significant changes in the genome of living beings” is prohibited. By “banned experiments” we mean some experiments on the human genome, which only geneticists can trace. At the same time, Johnson & Johnson Corporation works with the allowed changes in the genome.

Any implant occupies 1 slot in the corresponding body system.

Musculoskeletal system

The cyber-prosthesis of a hand “Orphey”' (Serenity Corporation) — replaces the arm, adds +1 hit.

The cyber prosthesis of the leg “Stability” (corporation Serenity) ) — replaces the leg.

Hand prosthetics for genetically modified people “Wolverine” (Johnson & Johnson Corporation)) — replaces the hand, makes it possible to stun people with this hand.

Exoskeleton “Adam Jensen” (corporation Serenity) — replaces the arm or leg, gives the right to wear a power armor with the vibro-blade.

The cardiovascular system

Cyber Heart “The Iron Lumberjack” (corporation Serenity) — replaces the heart.

Respiratory system

Clone-lung “BioAir” (Johnson & Johnson Corporation) — replaces the lungs.

Endocrine system

The clone of the thyroid gland “BioBar” (Johnson & Johnson Corporation) — replaces the endocrine system.

Bio-implant “I.Am.Boy” (Johnson & Johnson Corporation) — replaces the endocrine system and changes a person's sex to a male.

The bio-implant “I.Am.Girl” (Johnson & Johnson Corporation) replaces the endocrine system and changes the sex of the person to the female.

Lymphatic system

Clone of the lymphatic system “BioLymph” (Johnson & Johnson Corporation) — replaces the lymphatic system. With a light wound, the hits are not lost, but are restored at a rate of 1 hit in 10 minutes (outside the battle situation).

Nervous system

The brain implant “Cyber Gamer 1” (corporation PanAm) — replaces part of the nervous system. Adds the length of time in VR.

Brain implant “Friend with you 1” (corporation PanAm) — replaces part of the nervous system. Allows implant carriers to establish brain-brain communication, transmitting thoughts or synchronizing other parameters. It is not widely spread, but it is known that this technology is used by the Multisapiens group.

Cyberstimulator of the nervous system “Snowflake” (corporation Serenity) — replaces part of the nervous system. It allows Serenity specialists to work with the human mind. Depending on the settings, it allows you to control emotions to some extent, stimulate brain activity, work effectively with memories.

Biostimulator of the nervous system “Fractal” (Johnson & Johnson Corporation) — replaces part of the nervous system. Allows Johnson & Johnson specialists to work with the human mind. Depending on the settings, it allows you to control emotions to some extent, stimulate brain activity, work effectively with memories.

Brain implant “Patriot” (corporation PanAm) — replaces part of the nervous system. Allows PanAm specialists to work with the human mind. Depending on the settings, it allows you to control emotions to some extent, stimulate brain activity, work effectively with memories.

Known implants and technologies, the reproduction of which is impossible on the game.


Ripoman is a person with a cyber implant of the hand called “R.I.P.” (you can not remove this implant from the carrier). The legacy of the cyber corporation, which was closed for multiple violations of the Venice Pact. It is known that only the holders of the “R.I.P.” technology can take implants out of people while retaining them for transportation and subsequent transfer. The fact of wearing this cyber-implant is not a violation of the Venice Pact or the law.


A clone is a product of bio-development, a complete copy of a person, differing from it only by one position in the genome (information is known to geneticists). It takes a long time to grow a full-fledged clone. This procedure is prohibited by the Venice Pact.

The telerobot

A telerobot is a technology that allows you to control a remotely self-propelled mechanism. In fact, the control takes place via a special communication channel by the operator, which receives information from the sensors of the mechanism. The mechanism is not an android, does not have a serious memory block.

The technology was used during the war but was recognized by the military as too vulnerable from the communication channel. Work to improve the technology of telerobots curdled, although there are some enthusiasts. For example, Seth McKenzie, the brother of the founder of the Golden Gate, uses technology to represent his interests, while being almost on the moon.


Cryochamber — the technology of human frost. In this state, you can stop any negative processes in the body (put on pause).

The freezing — the process is not instantaneous, preparation for it takes quite a long time. If freezing is carried out urgently on an unprepared organism — it can lead to the fact that it will be impossible to unfreeze a person.

This technology is used in the US franchise, as well as some services for cryopreservation is provided by Columbarium (not related to its core business).

Bank of feelings and memories

In this institution, anyone can get the service of recording, copying, playing memories. The technologies are developed by PanAm Corporation.

Modification of character and personal traits

Such services can be obtained at the Brainstorm salon in Pont Rouge, at specialists of all technological corporations, in the church laboratory, and also in some other not so widely known places.

Trace of Consciousness

The trace of consciousness is a technology that collects the image of the deceased on the basis of a large amount of data. The impression of the mind is stored for some time, and then it is erased.

The technology was developed by Columbarium together with PanAm Corporation. After the death of a person, the trace of his consciousness appears in Columbium. This, of course, is only a pale shadow of the deceased, composed of several characteristic features, but, of course, this technology is one of the important breakthroughs on the way to the immortality of consciousness in recent years.


The technology developed by PanAm. The image of a person in a special place is projected in a zone of two meters from the projector, which can be installed anywhere. The technology has not received much popularity, so the development of it has been minimized, and the projectors have always remained as massive boxes. One of the famous projectors is installed in the center of the city, and PanAm rents air time for everyone who wants to use the hologram for advertising.

We are posting this list to make you understand the well-known technologies that exist in the game world. Applications for ripomen, telerobots, clones, holograms are not accepted now. But it is perfectly permissible to supplement your application with old relatives in the cryosphere or dead relatives in the form of casts of consciousness in Columbium, as well as memories that have appeared in the memories bank or on the black market of memories.

Clandestine laboratories

In the Bottom City, there are clandestine laboratories that can create implants from different parts. The effects of such technologies are different, but almost always accompanied by strong side effects (however, they are not always exactly bad).